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Our Difference

Parc Orion offers the best of both worlds - luxury concierge services throughout the year or one-off requests. If you're looking for an exclusive membership, look no further than Parc!

With attentive and professional services, Parc Orion can manage all requests to bring you the best vacation possible. From hotel bookings to aircraft reservations or restaurant selections; we have your ticket covered! Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that needs planning so every detail will be perfect or special items such as sold-out performances at one of London's most famous landmarks...

We create peace of mind for our clients. We make sure they know things are being taken care of in accordance with their wishes and interests, setting them free from focusing on the details. When we deliver on this promise - it's just a relief!

Parc Orion's dedication to exceeding our clients' expectations is a key part of what differentiates us from other companies. You can rest assured that your event or company endeavor will be kept a secret with the help of our discreet services.

Our Strategy

Parc Orion is passionate about fulfilling the needs, tastes and preferences of our clients. We do this by using expertise that has been acquired over the years through dedication to one goal: making sure you're satisfied with your experience!

It doesn't matter if it's luxury travel or entertainment; whether your interests lie in cuisine from around the world or just some time alone on a secluded beach--we have an expert waiting for every individual client who hires us.

As an exclusive concierge company that has set themselves apart by prioritizing quality over quantity, Parc Orion is the ultimate destination for a variety of luxury experiences. We cultivate long lasting relationships with clients and members around the world while providing only top-notch service to ensure every occasion becomes extraordinary!





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