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"A castle where luxury and history meet."

Count Benedikt Bolza and his family transformed a castle in the Umbrian hills into an enchanting getaway for any traveler.

The hotel, which is located on top of one of Italy’s highest peaks overlooking Tuscany, welcomes its guests with 36 suites and luxurious amenities like a spa to restore your energy after exploring all that this special destination has to offer.

With 10th-century Italian architecture throughout the grounds as well as stunning views from every direction you turn outside these walls so high up above it is hard not be transfixed by how majestic life can truly feel when living among royalty!

The Castle Hotel is a stunning, old castle with unparalleled views. There is no better place to explore the rich history of Italy than from its rooms.

If you are looking for an authentic Italian experience that will make your memories last forever, this hotel should be on top of your list!

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What are some things you would like in a dream holiday destination or tour guide that could only be found at the Castle Hotel?

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