• Dr. Skyler Fullerton

A revolutionary breakthrough in facial Rejuvenation.

Do you work full time in this Covid-19? Do you spend most of your days on Zoom calls staring right at your face? We know, it’s awful.

Have you lost all your resilience and positivity? Are you so overworked that you don’t feel like you anymore?

Well, if you want to look like yourself again and most importantly feel like yourself again, this non-invasion facelift procedure called Suture Suspension threading is for you!

You have felt your laugh lines have become very deep, and your cheeks are staggering down. You barely enjoyed your youth with the kids and extra work and stress are wearing you out already.

Well, nothing to worry about. Threading is a non-surgical facelift procedure that allows lifting the deep planes of the face, using a tiny little needle access site and dissolvable surgical stitches (1).

If you are a fan of cheek fillers or Botox, you will love this procedure as well.

How does Facelift Threading work?

The first step is to inject a numbing medicine to make sure that you feel comfortable. You will feel some stinging at this point in the process, but it's nothing serious. It feels like a little bee sting for about 10 seconds. Once the injected numbing is in place, the procedure will be started.

First, the surgeon will make a tiny access hole and a pilot hole using a little needle prick that’s hidden right in the sideburn area. The next step is to use sterile cannulae, which are basically stainless-steel, surgical, tiny little tubes, thinner than a coffee straw. Then these sterile cannulae will be inserted into the tissue in the deep plane. So, the deep plan of the face is the deep, muscular layer that will lift in a surgical facelift(2).

Once the cannulas are inserted, they will deliver barbed suture suspensions; these stay in place for about a year until fully dissolved. And in that time, it also stimulates collagen production. The sutures will be suspended and tightened to uplift your face. Then your face will be redraped with soft tissues for the deep plane of your face. Once the thread is pulled to your desire structure, you might have a slight click as the suture suspension goes through bony hearing conduction into the ear canal(3).

After the whole procedure, you get to have some injections for adjustments to build the structure. This procedure is done in 45 minutes.

What to expect after getting a Facelift?

After this procedure, you will look like how you looked from 10 years ago. The process is painless, and no one would ever know you got a facelift. It can last up to 1 to 3 years.

The only drawback to this procedure is that it’s expensive. Although it depends on the quality of materials that are being used. The average cost of a thread lift in the United States is $2,250(1). Expensive, we know. Other side effects might include inflammation, redness, swelling, or bleeding (1).

Recovery time is quite minimal, so you can go back to work right away. Surgeons recommend not to moisturize your face for the first few weeks and sleep with your head popped to avoid rolling over your sutures(2). It is also advised not to go to saunas or do any high-intensity workout for the first few weeks.


The amazing thing about the modern generation of suture suspension is that surgeons can access the deep plane of the face through a tiny little needle hole and make your face look so much more refreshing and younger.