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Astonishing vision of tomorrow's yachting experience.

A Yacht so Rare and Special, it’s a Flyer. The conceptual Flying yacht transforms from 152-foot sailing ship to 297-foot airplane with just the push of a button! It has four masts that host large sails when it's at sea but quickly morph into wings in flight mode powered by 4 propeller engines on each side. With 14000 square feet surface area for those gigantic wing panels, you might not even need much gas left after your adventure because this vessel is electric too!

The Flying Yacht is a new concept for the ultimate luxury cruise experience. The ship can accommodate as many as six passengers and has all the amenities you'd expect from such an extravagant vessel: kitchen facilities, formal dining room, multiple lounges - but it's best feature might be its windows which are almost underwater so that when sailing on calm seas there will always be this sense of intimacy with sea life around you.

A high-end yacht made specifically to capture what cruising should feel like in these days where we're constantly trying to find ways to get away from our overscheduled lives -- if not only mentally than at least physically; somewhere else other than here. Developed by designer Yelken Octuri.

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