• Edric Lowe

Celebrity news: Michael Jordan's summer vacation

Arguably the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, is still the most famous athlete even 18 years after his retirement. His businesses, most importantly the Air Jordan brand, are making him the richest athlete in the world today.

Forbes magazine has estimated his net worth at $2.2 billion this year. MJ became a billionaire in 2014.

Next, Tiger Woods, a professional tennis player and golf enthusiast from America who has won an impressive 18 major championships to his name is worth $800 million.

Jordan is the majority owner of the NBA team Charlotte Hornets and even though they are not very good lately, Jordan’s net worth rose $300 million in the past year thanks to the team despite the pandemic.

The living legend was the first NBA player to establish his own shoe line back in the mid-1980s when he signed a deal with Nike. Since then the Air Jordan brand is a hot sale with thousands standing in line when a new release hits the market.

MJ is fully aware of his global impact and it seems like he always makes great business decisions that lands him millions. The last example was his more than $6 million earning in just a couple of hours after Leo Messi moved from Barcelona to Paris-Saint-Germain.

You probably wonder what Jordan has with European soccer. Well, five years ago his Air Jordan brand signed a deal with the French club which brings MJ 5% of every PSG sold item.

When the Argentinian soccer superstar moved to Paris, more than 100.000 jerseys were sold in the first seven minutes of sales which brought MJ millions.

Even though MJ is trying to stay off the spotlight, his greatness is followed all over the world and his last appearance was in the Croatian sea-side paradise – Split.

It wasn’t the first time Jordan visited this part of the world. The locals still talk about his 1982 game in Zadar before he even became a pro.

Decades later MJ is back in Croatia in big style. He landed at the Split airport in his private jet awaited by three vans that took him on the West Coast Riva in Split, where the O'Pari yacht was all set for Jordan and his group.

O'Pari was built in 2020, is 311 feet long, and has six decks. Jordan spent around $1.2m dollars to rent the luxury yacht for a week, as well as buying 25 bottles of Clase Azul Plata tequila, which cost around $4.000 each.

As expected, Jordan's arrival immediately caused euphoria in the city. Last year, Magic Johnson visited Split, and before him, many other great international athletes were seen, but no one quite as big as Michael Jordan, who was enjoying his holiday on the luxury yacht in the company of his wife, Yvette Prieto.

Jordan spent most of his time on the yacht but was also seen riding a motorboat at the beautiful Adriatic Sea and walking in the city center.

As reported Jordan met Toni Kukoc, his former Bulls teammate who is Split’s native, but also one of his favorite partners on the golf course.

It was announced in May that Toni Kukoc would be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts and that the greatest basketball legend would introduce the Croatian player to the Hall of Fame. Kukoc will be presented by Michael Jordan, his Chicago Bulls teammate, and Jerry Reinsdorf, longtime owner of the Bulls.

This year's Hall of Fame class includes three-time NBA champion Kukoc along with Val Ackerman, Rick Adelman Chris Bosh Bob Dandridge Cotton Fitzsimmons Howard Garfinkel Yolanda Griffith Lauren Jackson Clarence Jenkins Pearl Moore Paul Pierce Bill Russell Ben Wallace Chris Webber Jay Wright, all so many other luminaries from the worldwide hoop’s movement spanning decades.