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Find your perfect adventure here.

For a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of life, look no further than the Inns of Monterey. The Adventure Package offers an overnight stay for two with all your needs catered to in tow: either paddle board rental or kayak available at Spindrift Inn; bicycle rentals on Wave Street if you don't want to pedal around town but still get some fresh air (and exercise) while exploring); tickets for any one activity offered by Adventures by The Sea - including their amazing stand-up paddle boards which can be rented as well!

Inns of Monterey and Adventures by the Sea help guests experience a different way of life. They're committed stewards of not only their environment, but also all those who visit them in pursuit for unique adventures that are both educational about nature as well beautiful!

With options like paddle board rental or kayak tours available on site at any time you could be seeing wildlife up close without even leaving this historic landmark property - what more could one want from an escape destination?

Spindrift Inn offers guests the chance to indulge in a luxurious stay with many amenities included. The hotel is located on Monterey Bay and has 45 rooms or suites, each one beautifully decorated by their own unique style that will make you feel right at home! Complimentary continental breakfast is served daily while complimentary wine every evening complements any mood nicely before bedtime arrives (and if they don't enjoy what's offered then there’s always room service).

In addition, paid valet parking can be arranged for convenience-- ensuring none of your favorite moments are ruined because something went wrong during busy times downtown when free lot spaces fill up quickly.

The Monterey Bay Inn is a beautifully designed hotel with views of some of America's most memorable landmarks. The 49 guest rooms are eco-friendly and provide guests an opportunity to enjoy their stay by taking in beautiful scenery from balconies, hot tubs or even just staring out into space!

A visit here will leave you wanting more so make sure that after checking out all these great amenities head down south towards serene San Carlos Beach where relaxation awaits at any rate - be it on land or water.

The Wave Street Inn is a perfect getaway for anyone who wants to enjoy the beach and stars in their night sky. The modern, yet cozy hotel has complimentary welcome snacks which will keep you full on your first day as well as paid parking spaces available outside of it's doors!

Amenities include an outdoor fire pit where guests can sit together while roasting marshmallows under starlit skies or playing cards by candlelight after exploring all that Cannery Row has had offer when it comes down more specifically about what attractions there are nearby (some options might be Parthenon Museum).

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