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How Belmond Royal Scotsman is your key to Luxury travel.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

"Oh, I'm not going to climb aboard that thing," you say with a shudder. "I heard it's haunted." You are joking of course, but the idea is enough to scare anyone off this Belmond Royal Scotsman train in Glasgow. Apparently, travelers can rest easy though because our sources tell us there is no such ghost onboard!

What passengers do enjoy are mahogany-clad interiors and beautiful cabins complete with luxurious amenities like an on-board spa built right into the coach carriages themselves!

The Belmond Royal Scotsman's staff is comprised of celebrated chefs, Tom Kitchin being one of them. The breakfast will feature Scottish favorites like haggis and black pudding, while the three-course lunch includes traditional dishes such as smoked salmon with dill cream sauce on a bed of spinach leaves drizzled in balsamic vinegar. Dinner has guests choosing from four courses including lamb loin wrapped in pancetta served atop an artichoke salad mixed with harrisa dressing or roasted chicken breast stuffed into white cabbage wedges accompanied by sweet potatoes cooked sous vide. Guests can also enjoy single malt scotch or their choice beverage during any meal onboard this luxurious train experience.

The Belmond Royal Scotsman will be hosting a culinary tour of Scotland, with breakfast and dinner served in the train's luxurious dining carriages. Guests are invited to experience Scottish cuisine at its finest as they enjoy the views from compartment windows on this one-of-a-kind journey through the country.

For those looking for something different, this is your chance to take an epicurean adventure! This unique three-day event has space available until September 21st so do not wait too long before making reservations.

What do you think? Would you like to travel across Scotland by rail while sampling traditional dishes?

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