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JAY-Z Brings Luxury to the Masses

Hip-hop mogul JAY Z teamed up with Modern Luxury Media to launch a new multimedia platform called Edition. The portal will give people access to everything from luxury watches and high-end fashion, all the way down to foodie hotspots in cities like Los Angeles, New York City, London, or Paris.

With the help of a team of world-class journalists, Isoúl H. Harris is set to redefine what luxury means in our fast-paced digital age with EDITION—a mixture of print and audio journalism that will also include video content.

The concept behind this new platform for moving stories around involves both established media formats including articles and podcasts as well as visual storytelling through photography or videos. “With EDITION," said soon-toisthing Editor in Chief Isoúl H. Harris, "we have a unique opportunity to define what luxury means now."

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