• Dr. Emerson Ginsberg

Is Physical Activity the Answer to COVID-19

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives of people around the world have changed in different ways. Those who lived a physically active life are now bound to their homes. Many are working from the comfort of home. Hence, the COVID-19 impact on physical activity has resulted in some dire consequences.

DNPAO Study on Impact Of COVID-19 On Physical Activity

Very few people must have heard about DNPAO. It is the USA division of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity of the Centers for disease control and prevention. DNPAO conducted a study in 2021 that was a COVID-19 physical activity survey.

According to this study, around 39% of American adults were afraid of COVID-19 exposure. This is how a negative impact was observed on physical activity due to the disease.

Nobody can deny the benefits that physical activity has on health. This is because an active lifestyle helps to reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases. Diseases such as diabetes, cancers, and heart diseases are easily preventable with an active physical lifestyle.

How are COVID-19 and physical activity interrelated to one another?

Many people have a wrong assumption regarding the relation between COVID-19 and physical activity. However, being physically active during the pandemic is essential to stay healthy. According to a 2020 study, staying active helps to modulate the immune response.

In easier words, this means that those who are physically active are immune to diseases around them. This even includes contracting the COVID-19 virus itself. Therefore, staying active can be beneficial for you if you are trying to prevent the contraction of the disease.

Promoting Physical Activity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Research such as the one by DNPAO shows that the community must work towards strengthening the fitness programs. The health and wellness of individuals is an important factor for survival against COVID-19.

The range of physical activity before and after COVID-19 may vary. However, everyone has the right to stay physically active during COVID-19 quarantine.

COVID-19 Physical Education Activities

Some of the ways to remain physically active include walking. You can walk in small spaces even in your garden or living space. Another way to remain physically active is to start a group in your locality. You can all join and give each other classes to remain physically active.

Other than being physically active, meditation also helps your body to relax. Always remember, do not stop your physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.