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"The Estrella: A Vessel of Seduction".

Star Wars meets cantilever architecture in the Estrella Superyacht. South Korean designer Yeojin Jung set out to break conventions of traditional yacht design with his new vessel, the Estrela.

The super-sized ship's split hull is highly reminiscent of a Y-Wing fighter from Star Wars but ironically its influence came directly from cantilevered buildings and bridges that inspire stability via their lack of internal supports or pillars.

The Estrella is not for everyone. It is a superyacht designed for the enjoyment of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). With its outlandishly luxurious design, it has set itself apart from other yachts and will be entered into the Super Yacht World Record books as one of the world’s most extraordinary vessels in history.

This yacht sets an example that all others should follow when building their own vessel to create something unique and different - even if it means going over-the-top with luxury to make your boat stand out on this list of 5,000+ competitors!

If you are a UHNWI, take a tour! You can even rent out this yacht if your pockets are deep enough.

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