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"The Magnifica Collection: Jewelry Inspired by Rome."

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The Bvlgari Magnifica Collection is a line of ultra-rare, high quality jewels. The collection includes necklaces, rings and other gems like the 93 carat Colombian emerald which makes up one quarter of all their stones in this exclusive range!

Italian luxury brand Bvlgari launched its new Magnifica Collection last month--the height of luxurious fashion with 350 pieces made from rare gemstones that are some of the most unique on earth.

This product launch represents a huge move for such an iconic company who has been known to stay true to classic designs over the years by launching only 10 collections every year since 1884 when founder Sotirio Bulgari first opened his doors in his home village of Epirus, Greece where his first store can still be seen.

The Magnifica Collection is a line of exquisite and timeless pieces that will make you look dazzling. You will find the iconic, like Baroque Spiral Necklace which was inspired by Rome or Raggio di Luce ring with its rare shield-cut diamond.

These gems are precision cut by professionals who know their craft inside out to create an entrancing jewelry collection that is perfect for any occasion!

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