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"The MycoWorks Victoria bag is here"

The Hermes x MycoWorks Mycelium Victoria Bag came out of a collaboration between fashion house and biotech company. The bag is made from mycelium, the root structure that holds mushrooms together!

New Hermes Victoria Bag
Hermes Victoria bag

This sustainable handbag will offer eco-conscious consumers with the opportunity to whet their appetite for haute products in an ethical way.

The traditional animal-sourced leather used in the purse is swapped out for a Mycelium material called Sylvania; it's decidedly smooth. The Fine Mycelium material is created at the new facility and then sent to France where Hermes' artisans finish them off.

The Hermes x MycoWorks Bag will be the first collaboration product between the two brands and is finished with a canvas center panel along with Evercalf calfskin handles. This gorgeous gem should become available before year's end--perhaps just in time for Christmas gifts!

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