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The Power you want, the performance you need.

Since the first Ford GT40 was released in 1964, eco-friendly design has come a long way. Everatti, UK based electric conversion company and Superperformance (American sports car maker) recently unveiled an updated version of this iconic racecar that showcases just how far we've come over decades.

A sleek revision of the original model - which is still standing as one of the fastest production cars ever made - comes with all bells and whistles expected from high end performance models: full active suspension system management for improved ride quality; torque vectoring control to enhance handling stability at corner entry and exit speeds up to 75 mph on pavement or gravel surfaces; regenerative braking systems that harness kinetic energy back into battery storage when slowing down or coming off throttle.

From the very start, Ford knew they were tapping into uncharted territory with this one. The designers set out to maintain all the original model's driving characteristics while ensuring that it would run on electricity only. But could such a lofty goal be achieved? They weren't about to settle for anything less than perfection, and what resulted is an incredibly powerful electric motor capable of getting you from 0-60 in under 4 seconds.

The 700V EV Powertrain System delivers whopping power that will keep up with the demands of any driver or occasion.

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