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The ultimate luxury experience: Vera Wang + Prosecco = PARTY!

silver bottle
Vera Wang "Party"

The world-renowned fashion designer, Vera Wang is excited to announce PARTY, a premium Italian prosecco made for celebrating life’s moments. The bubbly beverage embodies the bright and fun side of famed Designer and Style Icon Vera Wang that her fans have come to love about her style.

PARTY is inspired by style icon and fashion designer Vera Wang's love of real life. The sleek matte silver bottle with bold neon yellow letters emits a modern, easy vibe in any setting to make it the perfect addition for your celebration.

The winemaker behind the creation of this prosecco is Araldica, a producer and co-operative in Piemonte. The second-generation Claudio Manera leads them; they are one of Italy's fastest growing producers with forward thinking wines.

At $25, VERA WANG PARTY is crafted from 100% Glera grapes and boasts aromas of apple and stone fruit, citrus notes, with a fresh acidity on the palate. The prosecco comes in at 5 stars for its bold aesthetic coupled with playful voice.

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