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"The Wellness Hotel: a gem in the heart of Mykonos"

Mykonos Wellness Hotel
Gem in the heart of Mykonos

The Mykonos Wellness Resort, situated on the hillside of a Greek island and built from stones excavated on site, offers an all-inclusive experience that is both luxurious and enjoyable.

The resort was designed by London-based Kyriakos Tsolakis Architects who aspire to create architecture with natural materials while maintaining minimum environmental impact. Nestled in the heart of this amazing location, it's just steps away from beaches lined with soft sand or rocky shores where you can explore caves carved into volcanic rock formations dating back 3 million years ago!

The retreat features 12 luxurious suites with two pools, an outdoor and indoor gym for professional sportspeople to recover during the off season.

With its high-quality materials, the design goal was to capture the essence of their location in this seaside resort by using its colors: blue and white throughout all four levels that are situated on a protected zone overlooking beautiful sea views!

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