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These Ankle Boots Are Made for Walking

Italian luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta has released the 'Stride,' a rubberized ankle boot that will attach to your feet with ease and comfort.

The innovative design ensures you can wear it again for added security by adhering to their avant-garde principles of simplicity, functionality and inherent beauty found in nature's finest designs like water droplets or silk threads respectively!

These rainboots are perfect for those who want to stand out in the crowd. With five different colors available, from 'Sea Salt' all way down to Black these boots will match any outfit and make sure you're noticed no matter what type of day it is!

The boot is not just about showing off one of life's most luxurious materials, leather. The interior consists exclusively of this soft and durable material with only cotton inner lining to give it characteristically elegant Bottega Veneta flair; yet another detail that makes them stand out among other luxury brands.

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