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"What is the pH of your skin?"

Layers, a clinically proven probiotic beauty brand that has contributed to the growing interest in gut health and its impact on skin with their line of skincare products. With supplements like Daily Glow Probiotics for healthy digestion or Balancing Milky Cleansers which naturally balance your pH levels by removing excess oil without stripping moisture from dry patches, Layers is an innovative way to achieve better skin quality from within!

Layers Skin Serum
Layer from within

The dual-action Daily Glow Probiotic Supplements are designed to deliver results in 15 days and fuel the gut-skin connection, which reduces roughness by boosting collagen strength. With a proprietary blend of five clinically proven probiotic strains and skin supporting ceramides, it enhances renewal and barrier function for reduced inflammation as well as smoothing out wrinkles.

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