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Why the upper east side of Wilmington is so special.

It has been said that where there are good people, you will find a house. So, when I found out Joe Biden lives next door to this quaint winged manor in the Wilmington area of Delaware, it made me think about him as an individual and what he might be like on his downtime with Jill at home.

His property is called ‘The Station’ which seems appropriate for someone who has served our country so well over many decades.

Some people would say that a Colonial is the perfect house. The interiors of this one measure 8,700 sq. ft. and has five bedrooms with plenty of space for everyone to have their own private room!

Nestled into a small country town, this beautiful home offers the perfect balance between casual countryside living and upscale design. Unpretentious décor meets sophisticated style in every room of the house including the kitchen with its unassuming granite counter tops and diamond-patterned backsplash; one such gem within it can be found through french doors that lead to an open dayroom bathed in natural light from floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking a serene landscape below.

This beautiful home is the perfect balance of comfort and style. The amenities inside this residence will please even the most discerning buyer, with upper and lower levels both containing a variety of luxuries to make life more enjoyable.

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