Flying private is an exceptional choice for so many reasons, but there's one thing it does better than commercial airlines - customize your services during transport and at your destination to suit your needs perfectly.


Making flights for you and your friends can be difficult, with pilots who know little about your intentions for the flight.

It's not just pilots in the cockpit either, being in charge of flights means you have to deal with the back-end logistics of booking hotels, rentals cars, and more.

We work directly with your pilot, so they understand all the details of the flight before you even take off! We'll help map out your itinerary before it starts, so all you have to do is enjoy the journey.


Making an educated decision about which company to use to secure private jet travel can be overwhelming, especially when you are looking to use one-stop shop service.

Unlike other companies, Parc Orion manages all aspects of securing a private jet for your trip. We collaborate with the best brokers, so no detail is left unchecked. Our partners have a variety of plane sizes and options to meet whatever needs you may have.

Parc Orion is committed to providing personalized service. Let us take care of every detail while you sit back and enjoy the ride!


Trying to be creative while flying on a commercial airline is challenging and exhausting. Trying to be creative when you're on the ground, waiting for your luggage and checking into your hotel is even more so. When you fly private with us, we take care of everything so you can focus all your energy on being creative and nothing else.

Our members fly private for all their travel because we take care of every detail — from the ground transportation to the perfect secluded home and hotels that maximize creativity. Experience the benefits of having a luxury travel team to meet all your needs.

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